some new experiments


repurposing collagraph discards







lines made as a result of time passing, things bowing back to the earth, actions repeated unconsciously. or marks made spontaneously, reflective of circumstance, bracingly present and raw. or even, marks made for the joy of marking, in response to the surface upon which they were laid.


shooting language

The drawing below is a representative sample of the drawing style of the Korwa people, a tribe from the state of Madhya Pradesh, in India. For these people, drawing seems to have been a revelation, a kind of mystical connection between image and meaning -- for at the time of this drawing, it was remarked that they spoke a language without written form. 

How would it be to revisit the engagement of the senses in trying to communicate with line and mark, instead of with voice and cadence? What kind of relationship would we have with the end product, how would our opinions of the process differ? 

Contemporary Indian Art: Contemporary, One Word, Several Cultures, by Hervé Perdriolle