the names

the discard discs:

the singing spider

the lightening load

the amputee

the raft rushes

the traveling pot

the future voice

the files

the kindling

the overwatered

the cold hearth

the silent whale

the yawing pit

the clangorous shears

the crouched cat

the wailing pail

the mandible

the braided river

the standard

the sudden peace

the leached lakebed

the brush burners' sons

the waterclock

the flower-hung gallows

the coughed up bone

the buried letter

the white ribbon

the manacles

the burning house

the very safe

the ______ despite all odds

the lesser O

the great O

the type galley

the remarkable victory

the marked door

the great magpie

the lost and delirious expedition

the carrion crow

the locked-away riches

the pendulum

the calipers

the stilts

the asterism stars

the sewers choked with gold

the stranger obscured by dust clouds

the cacograph

the crack beneath the door


the tilted boat at low tide

the wet socks

the manhole

the vacant chrysallis

the gold tooth

the crooked road lines

the broken lead

the rutted road

the brick kiln

the solemn serpent

the suspicious hatstand

the last sheaf

the first sheaf

the eiderdown

the caged cricket

the silvery blight

the bravery

the callous disregard

the scapegoat

the fanged and famished water plant

the barbed mallet

the cracking cold

the fringe which wishes you nothing but ill

the peat fires

the granting of all wishes

the ermine

the victory

the birdmask

the bellows

the topmost

the loaf

the persimmon

the knuckles

the false ____________.

the lame mare

the hen eaten by foxes

the coyote

the halophyte

the throat of the singing dog

the wick | nick of time

the blind kestrel

the songbird stunned by a window

the coldfront

the slag heap


the fading

the trapline

the false humility

the malevolent horn

the salted furrows

the superfluous limb

the black pool with white moths

the broken stone ring

the changeling

the baleful omen

the stillborn (but) the pause

the straw heap

the pit disguised as a pit

the first gray hair

the wet flints

the miraculous mending

the puncture wound

the ground strike

the emergency dwelling

the beacon

the limbs bowed by rickets

the horse with the strangles

the sack remedy

the lesser ravenous fire

the great ravenous fire

the wind that unseats and ruins picnics

the burnt bones

the agate

the scrying glass

a buoyant anchor

the loose canon

the mending wasps

the waterlogged book

the rotten ice

the wrung rag

the fizzing tablet that may or may not be poison

the turtle who snaps and hangs on

the braided river

the swift conveyance

the well-oiled gate

the fire pouring from the window

the salt panner

the ever-so-slightly off

the furthest marker

the cracked mirror

the will-o-the-wisp

the casting bones

the velvet miracle

the yolk

the circle ghost

verga, the weeping mountain cloud

the milk white light

the haywain

the sacred oil

the whippoorwill

the spokes

the mournful fir grove

the misdrawn map

the winged trees

the spared

the tree bent under snow

the tinsnips