fragments i


often ideas and words leap momentarily into being and threaten to dissolve like firsthing dreams in the morning. i try to trap these in the reminders section of my phone, and the resulting fragments are often hilarious: disjointed and unapologetic. sometimes they are mis-dictated or autocorrected phrases that phone or fingers get just slightly wrong. these can be too beautiful to throw away, but they don't feel genuinely to belong to me.

i. drawing behind you in a mirror

ii. staples on telephone poles, field and maroon plants, two shades of gold/naples

iii. peach tan brown maroon red navy (maybe: a hypothetical palette)

iv. if you drew yourself surrounded by the tastes you like best, what words would they be? (Wilson? Berridge?)

v. rothko, gottlieb, newman, primitivism, charles olson, bm college (black mountain?), sumerian history fragments, pausanias on greece, leo frobenius on african rock paintings, fenellosa on japan, glyphomania, ben shahn palimpsest style, kine, rauschenberg, gorky, baziotes, roberto matta, motherwell, fountain pens. (in a book, i think, on Twombly).

vi. "scribble as the means of inventing new forms. like another way of drawing, (Breton)...29." rhythm...shaping of crude, unformed and moving matter." (as above)

vii. tonight will be the darkest night in 500 years, tonight will not be the darkest night in 400 years.

viii. cheerios a butter face cream molasses brown (a misdictated grocery list)

ix. "their body is the ground" profundity, but not mine, citation missing

x. reaching redly upwards (subsequently used for an exhibition title, see CV)

xi. peter, levine, tiger, voice

xii. the hanging shadows of death 

xiii. rabbits, secrets, crimes

xiv. terroir of beer, herbs of place

xv. fennel, leak, lemontoothbrush, mushroom adapt (misdictated)

xvi. big man the lantern, little man the tallow light (arundhati roy)

xvii. i love her to the flick of some crate