wabi sabi elsewhere 4, boston

Boston, solitude. Thinking about collections, considered and accidental.

looking at whale bones through mezzanine bones

noticing how whale bones look like mezzanine bones

the shadows of 400 species of hummingbirds

the shadows of 400 species of hummingbirds

not just a necklace, but a necklace of bones. not just any bones but pelican shin bones. and not just pelican shin bones but flutes. a necklace of pelican shinbones turned into flutes. perhaps every exhale is musical? perhaps they are the flutes of conquered pipers?

of all the sidewalk minutiae, please take note of this hole. we have made the relevant area visible with blaze orange.

which constellation is this?

painted, telegraph hill 1

painted, telegraph hill 2

composition with straw.